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News & Events
 Important Events:
  • Saturday August 4th 2012  GRC SA Championship Show- Sandra Birkin-Green (Sansue Goldens/Kennels)
  • Saturday and Sunday:  8 and 9 September 2012 - all day events:   Golden Retriever Specialty Show and Fieldwork Events.  Conformation Judges:  Mrs C Ashton (Willowlawn, UK) and Mrs J Naylor (Frankby, UK);  Obedience Trial Judges:  TBA;  RAG Judges:  TBA.  Venue:  Blacktown Kennel and Obedience Club Grounds, Owen Street, Glendenning.
  • Saturday 15 September 2012 - GRC WA - Championship Show ( followed by Open show). Judge is Mrs Freda Gargett (UK) 'Garvin kennels'
    Perth WA. Cnr Ranford & Warton Roads
  • Saturday 13 October 2012 - GRCV Championship Show - KCC Park
2013 :
  • The Golden Retriever Club of UK Centenary 12-15 July 2013
The most important event on most Golden Retriever enthusiasts' calendar!
And then followed by ;
  • The Guisachan Gathering 16 -19th July 2013
“The Gathering”, this will take place July 16th to July 19th 2013 at Guisachan and the surrounding area.
There will be a Championship Show and Buffet plus many other events.



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